We are a comprehensive academic consultancy that advises those who plan to study or renew studies in Australia. We offer accurate information before, during and after the process. Australia is an experience of a life time. Let us help you fulfil your dream’s of living, studying and working in Australia.


ESTUDIENAUSTRALIA  helps you to select a study plan and archive your goals living and studying in Australia.


Do you plan to continue studying? We are expert professionals who help you renew your studies and continue living the experience in Australia.


We offer academic programs such as English courses, vocational courses and undergraduate and postgraduate university courses.

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Why use our services?

“Experts in student advising forged through our years of experience working in the education industry.”

“Specialized in Australia as we have extensive knowledge about the Australian education system and what it offers to international students.”

“According to the needs of our clients, we advise them in a clear and precise way to help them make the best decision based on their plans, objectives and budget so that their goals become reality.”

“Free advice, personalized step by step from registration and admission to the school, during the application and after the process, you have the support of our office in Sydney.”

“Truthfulness and professionalism in the advice.”

“We do the whole process in a fast, reliable and safe way.”

“We have the best prices. (GUARANTEED).”

“You can apply to the school where you will study without having to pay registration. (Free apply)”

“In Australia you have support through our main office to help you in the adaptation process.”


We advise students and professionals about the opportunities that Australia offers in the area of education at the level of English, Technical and University courses (Pre and Post Graduate).

Additionally, we work with a select group of immigration agents, with vast experience and experience where, once you meet all the requirements, they will guide you through the immigration process.

We are a leading company in the Australian market, committed, passionate and ready to offer accurate and updated information in a clear and precise manner, thus providing our customers with various alternatives that allows you to expand your expectations in the professional and personal field to achieve the goals that have been proposed.


To continue to consolidate as one of the preferred companies, recognised with national and international prestige for its quality and success in advising students and professionals to study, emigrate and realise their dreams in Australia.


-Human quality
-Commitment to the results
-Respect and commitment to the student and their family environment

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